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"Now that I look back, I almost feel as though I should've been destined for the throne. Rafiki, mom, and dad didn't get the message at first, or for 4 days. However, on the 5th day, Rafiki got a message from my dead grandfather, Mufasa, telling him that I was not meant to be king. Dad, of course, waited for about a year until they told me the news that I was not to be king. That wasn't even the only news. Within a week of hearing that, I learned that I was going to have a younger sister.
"Once the third month from her birth came, mom and dad occasionally set me up to watch little Kiara. Around that time, I was trying to hunt. With her around, I could barely focus on capturing a single, isolated antelope without having to look towards her several times and finally turn around to see my prey no longer there. That's not the only thing, but occasionally, when I was just walking about the Pride Lands, while I had to watch her, she would nearly get into trouble with a mother bird, or a rhino. I, of course, was able to get her out of danger by trying to calm down the bird or rhino, who thankfully were merciful.
"Another thing that made me a little annoyed about Kiara is that she was destined to become queen. That signal was instant as soon as Rafiki lifted her up for the animal crowd to see. Who was going to be king if I'm not the one?  Eventually, I just told dad about me having trouble hunting and relaxing, which Timon and Pumbaa showed me, (I didn't entirely mind the grubs), whenever I had to watch the little princess. Then, I recalled dad telling me about the experiences he had with Timon and Pumbaa. So I asked him, 'Why not make Timon and Pumbaa watch Kiara? Two heads are better than one. Not to mention, they have a less stressful way of acquiring food than I do.' Father then agreed to set up markers and borders for little Kiara to stay within when exploring alone. He also agreed to often make Timon and Pumbaa watch her.
"I was finally able to get a decent meal that was entirely delicious, not saying that the grubs were bad, and afterwards some peace and quiet. Of course, I would still have to watch Kiara, just not on days I'd be hunting. Also, with the markers set up and her starting to understand things a little more, she didn't get into as much trouble as she used to. Plus, sometimes, when little Kiara and I were out on the Pride Lands, she wouldn't run about or try to check something out. We would just relax and watch the hours fly. In fact, occasionally, on a good day, I would actually ask dad for permission to take her out a small distance from Pride Rock at night so the two of us could make up images in the clusters of stars in the sky. I started to like little Kiara."
                               (End of part 1)
This is the first part of my story about Kopa. Part 1 mainly talks about events that occured before he met Vitani, which is in part 2. This part is told through Kopa's eyes. (Similar to the way "Frankenstein" or "Dracula" work, through a witness's words).
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